PROJECT: Completed 2020

>> Church Street Manchester

Urban Bubble / Thomasons
Envirosips Ltd

Envirosips were employed by Urban Bubble to remove numerous existing combustible wall types including ACM cladding, copper standing seam cladding fully supported on plywood with a unprotected and timber balcony cladding and replace with A1/A2 approved fire rated products.

The project was a logistic challenge as 2 sides of the building were a busy main roads with a bus lane, a further elevation was above a public house with no access available.

We therefore designed with our specialist access company a suspended scaffold installed off the roof which allowed us to work over the existing building accessing from Pall Mall House roof. Road closures and parking suspensions were arranged to facilitate further scaffolding to the Birchin Lane elevation of the scheme.

Materials used for replacement were 3mm aluminium PPC folded cassette panels fixed to replacement carrier systems, Rockwool open and closed state fire barriers and cavity closers, Steel decking to fully support copper standing seam cladding and an aluminium secret fix plank system.

All design and construction phase works were fully inspected throughout by specialist engineers Thomasons, Local Authority Building Control and the clients appointed fire engineers.

The scheme was MCHGL Building Safety Fund approved.